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Installing to Disk 20 – PlayStation Vita, Psychonauts 2 and the Mystery Shooter

The lads are back after a week of illness, fully recovered and full of energy. This time around Jordez and James look at alternate funding in The News, speculate on upcoming games in James’s Rumour Room and discuss the upcoming launch of the PlayStation Vita.

Installing to Disk Episode 19 – Batman, Origin and More Batman

Jordez and James are back once again with their fortnightly dose of videogame wisdom. The lads seem to have more than just games on their mind though as Batman references are dropped liberally throughout the episode. Then again, you can never have too much Batman.

Installing to Disk Episode 18 – 2011 Videogame Awards

Jordez and Nicknameless James kick off 2012 in style with a special award show episode of the Installing to Disk podcast. As usual though the lads don’t do it conventionally and the awards range from the serious (Best New IP) to the stupid (Worst Name of a New Console).

This episode isn’t just about the awards though as James reviews Donkey Kong in the Retro Round-up and the lads find out one of the most repeated rumours of 2011 might now have a shred of truth to it in the Rumour Room.

Best of 2011: Gameplay


As we reach day 5 of our yearly awards we’ve come to our last specialised category before we unveil our overall Game of the Year tomorrow. Today though it’s gameplay’s turn in the spotlight.

Gameplay is the heart and soul of any game, without it you’re just left with a hollow shell of a game… or even worse, Final Fantasy XIII.
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Best of 2011: Invention

Day 4 of the Jordez Videogame Review’s award show is upon us and we’ve just passed the half-way point. The winners of the best sound, replayability and story have already been crowned and today we take a look at the most innovative videogames of 2011.

This category is for those games that bring something new to the table, take a different view on a classic game mechanic or manage to reinvent a genre. These are the three most inventive games of 2011. Continue reading